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What services we offer:


It is as simple as described below (Texas Only)
NOTE: fee changes for closings, refinances, settlements, contracts or any other bulky type packages that will require more of the notary's time.

Mobile Notary Services - WE GO TO YOU - Starting at $30
(fee may change due to location of site within El Paso County and/or gas prices)
In-office Notary Services - YOU COME TO US - Starting at $10
Other administrative office fees (such as: printing, faxing, scanning, making copies or emailing) - Starting at $1.00

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Call us! We charge less then the rest and provide the up-most in customer service.

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Experienced in handling loan documents. You can depend on our thorough knowledge of the Lending Industry and loan documents to put you at ease explaining each part of the closing with you and make this a pleasant conclusion to your refinance or purchase.

A Signing Agent is used for signing and notarization of Mortgage Loan documents including Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) loans. A Signing Agent should be experienced with all Banks, Lending Institutions & Title Companies & should insure the Safeguarding Consumer Privacy as required by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and FTC Safeguards Rule as well as with regard to representing the Lender and/or Title Companies.

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Do you need an Apostille to make your documents legal abroad? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place! We can apostille documents such as: birth certificates, marriage certificates, school diplomas, college degrees, patents, letters, debts, wills, criminal records, corporate documents, death certificates, letters of debt, etc.  You can chat with us through messenger or through whatsapp.  Or simply request more information by clicking the button below.
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Recording of any important paperwork of yours for you with the El Paso County Clerk's Office

FEE PER DOCUMENT: $40 for the first page and $10 for each additional page.

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From picking up to delivering important, time-sensitive documents you can trust us.  We have over 10 years experience dealing with Medical and Billing - we can pickup those timely documents and ensure timely delivery back to you.
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If it's an emergency and cannot wait until normal business hours, the fee will be determined by the assigned notary.
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As a Texas Notary Public, We have the authority to:

1 - Take acknowledgments
2 - Administer oaths or affirmations
3 - Protests instruments
4 - Take depositions
5 - Certify copies of non-recordable documents

Notary Services (Texas Only)

When seeking notary services, please remember:
  • Bring a picture ID with you for every person who will be signing the document. If there is more than 1 party signing a document, all parties must be present before the notary at the same time in order for a notarization to be completed.
  • Notary publics are prohibited from offering any kind of advice to the public on the format, wording, or content of any document to be notarized. Please consult with your attorney, real estate agent, or other legal professional if you have any questions before presenting a document for notarization.